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Why eziEvent?

eziEvent’s main aim is to ease the administration process with regards to event registration, but not just for organisations but for parents as well. Outlined below if the basic advantages for both Parents and Organisations

About Us - eziEvent - Parents Heading
About Us - eziEvent - Parents


If you are a parent and have kids participating in various events and activities you would understand the frustration of filling in form after form after form, year after year after year, all with the same information.


a. With eziEvent you register yourself once as parent

b. Register your kids as participants

c. Sign Up for individual event

All this from a single platform.
From this same platform you are able to manage both your profile and your kids profile as the information change, i.e. contact details and medical information.

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The biggest challenge of any service provider is analysing handwriting from registration forms and having the correct contact information for effective communication. Another major challenge is to have trace-ability in the accounting process and getting the paperwork in order and out as quick as possible to the client.


a - Register your Company as company admin

b – Add & manage event Co-ordinators & Presenters

c – Create & manage multiple Events & activities


eziEvent gives the flexibility to create custom form for your events
With eziEvent you have the correct contact information and with each registration you receive an email confirming a new registration

If you have a pro-forma invoice option enabled your clients automatically receive a pro-forma invoice for processing and payment

All the sign up information are accessible on eziEvent and can also be downloaded of easy management

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