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Midstream Ridge Club Cricket 2020 / 2021

Hosted By
Midstream Ridge Primary

Dear Parent / Player.

Our cricket academy/club has been granted permission to do group sessions/team matches by Cricket South- Africa

We are looking for players in each age group to play club cricket during the 4th and 1st term.

Our program will consist of two aspects:

Group & team coaching sessions:

All practices 14H00 – 15H30

  • Mondays & Wednesdays = U/8 & U/9
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays = U/10 – U/13

We will have two types of sessions:

Technical ( Mondays or Tuesdays )

We will divide the group of players into smaller groups which will focus on technical aspects of the player's game, identifying playing mistakes and correcting them with drills.

Team ( Wednesdays or Thursdays )

This is where we will work on things like team cohesion, match sense, live nets, fielding drills, etc.

This is also the reason why we do the team session after the technical session to see that the players apply what they have learned at the Monday session.

Matches ( Fridays / Saturdays ):

I have entered the following teams:

  • 2 x U/9 ( Includes U/8 )
  • 1 x u/11 ( Includes U/10 )
  • 1 x u/13 ( includes U/12 )

These teams have been entered into the Northern Cricket Junior Club league that plays on Saturdays during the 1st term of 2021.

We will be playing friendly matches during the 4th term as well.

Our main aim is to not only coach the players in the nets but on the field as well and to give them MUCH needed "middle time".

We will use the matches as part of the coaching process to see if the players can take what they have been taught in the nets and apply them in matches.

Matches to be played with the Midstream Cricket Academy/club clothes.



For both the coaching and the matches = R850 p/m, payable as follows:

  • October 2020: R850 – The majority of this fee is to cover the clothing and affiliation fees that need to be paid in advance to the club and NCU.
  • November 2020: R850
  • December 2020: R425 – We carry on with practices until 15 December. Matches TBA
  • January 2021: R850 – We start on 11 January with practices
  • February 2021: R850
  • March 2021: R850

These fees will cover the following:

  • Club affiliation fees
  • NCU affiliation fees
  • Stumps, cones, and ball fees
  • Field fees if we cannot play at home and have to hire a field
  • Umpires
  • Coaching sessions
  • Administration costs
  • Cap and shirt
  • Fines by NCU and club for forfeiting matches.

Compared to the other clubs you get the following:

  • Practices etc done at the school – no need to drive to practice – convenience.
  • School coaches that take the teams – we try to keep the coaches in the same age group that they take at school or will be doing next year – you get qualified coaches and umpires!!!
  • You get 12 – 14 TECHNICAL group sessions extra compared to other clubs.
  • QUALIFIED CSA ( Cricket South – Africa ) Level 1 and 2 coaches, we have some of the best coaches around!

Kind Regards.

Hannes Maasdorp / 0786978103 /

Archie Mazansu / 062 523 6904 /

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2020-10-15 08:00:00
End Date
2021-03-31 08:00:00
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